"Creative audio application" involves the creation of a soundscape that is unique to your project. A soundscape is a collection of sounds that convey an emotional experience or place, real or imagined. People connect the sounds in their environment to emotions and this goes a long way to creating their overall perception of a space or event. Creating such a space also makes your audience open and receptive to the message you want to convey. To create a favourable audio space is to create a favourable experience and receptive audience that takes your message on-board.  Soundscape is usually applied to live situations such as experiential theatre productions, experiential marketing campaigns and museum exhibits. 

A soundscape is therefore intimately related to the environment it is a part of.  To enhance this further and to aid the internalisation of your desired message, interactivity and visuals provide added weight to an events soundscape. If aspects of a soundscape are triggered by the actions of the audience, the sounds become integrated into the whole experience rather than just being an overlay. This serves to further deepen their experience, internalise your message and to provide a novelty that will be talked about outside of your event. Whether you want original music composed, sound designed for your film or an interactive soundscape to enliven your marketing or theatrical experience, get in touch with your requirements and questions and we will work together to create something unmissable and totally unique.