Bursledon Brickworks Museum

"It was a pleasure working with Jay over the last year. He was extraordinarily patient with us as we tried to find time to work on the project and never made us feel hassled in anyway. The end result is just what we wanted and we think it is going to help our visitors gain an improved understanding of how the old buildings were once used. The background sounds and the snippets of the men talking is both interesting and atmospheric. It is also easy to use!"-- Carolyne Haynes, Project Manager, Bursledon Brickworks Museum

At the Bursledon Brickworks Museum, I was asked to improve upon an existing sound system and to provide systems to bring three other spaces to life using immersive audio. The system needing my attention was to replace two sets of interviews being played in adjoining spaces and therefore clashing. This was achieved by automating each system so that the interviews played at different times.

The other spaces were brought to life using actors and audio of the steam engine, machines and boiler room. The engine recordings were made onsite and are now played back in the spaces the machines inhabit so that visitors can hear what a working brickworks would have sounded like.

Using actors, a script was created from information in worker testimonies recorded by researchers almost 30 years ago. The two actors brought the experiences of the workers to life by adding historical information. The audio is displayed in such a way as if the ghosts of the workers are still there living out their working lives in the brickworks. The resulting sound design gives atmosphere to spaces which were once basic viewing rooms and also provides information visitors can learn from.