Lewisham Libraries

"Working with Jay has brought a completely new angle to what we're able to offer in Lewisham's Libraries. Jay created a wonderful soundscape for the Rivers and People Installation that toured three of our libraries last year - it literally astounded library visitors and created a sense of place that greatly enhanced the installation. Comments included "It's like a rainforest", "It's amazing" and "You don't see that in a library everyday" - which was just what we wanted! Jay also worked with two local schools in libraries to help them to create their own soundscapes. Working with his usual calmness, imagination and receptiveness to other people's ideas, both classes left the library talking animatedly about the experience. Jay is always open to new ideas and within a few moments of being introduced to a new project, he is brimming with ideas of his own. He brings passion and professionalism as well as a wide knowledge of sound technology to what he does and is a pleasure to work alongside."-- Cathy Myers, Outreach Officer, Lewisham Library and Information Services.

I worked on a sound and light installation that toured various libraries in Lewisham, south-east London. I also had a fantastic opportunity to work with two classes of eight-year-old children to get them thinking about sounds in the stories they read and write.