London Bubble Theatre Company

“It was a real pleasure working with Jay Harris on our Rivers and People project. Jay is accessible, fun to work with, and very enthusiastic about his art. The soundscapes were amazing, adding a magical layer to the environment, giving people a real sensory experience as they walked through Ladywell Fields in darkness. Jay used sounds of park use mixed with testimony from local people which helped marry the importance of parks in their natural rhythm and our need for them as human being, especially in big cities like London where they offer escapism, tranquillity, fun, relief, recreation which Jay cemented using real stories and memories set against the natural humming of nature’s cycle. Jay captured so much in his soundscapes and we really enjoyed his contribution to the project.”-- Melissa Jane Knight, Rivers and People Coordinator.

I created three soundscapes for the London Bubble production Rivers and People.. Rivers and People was a fantastical immersive outdoor production based on the Naiad of the Ravensbourne River in South-East London. Collaborating with visual artist Ian Simons I created the soundscape of a mythical forest which was wonderfully accompanied by Ian's flowers and organic shapes made from refuse. The other pieces were a whispering wood, with speakers hidden in trees and tales of the park displayed on a bridge.