Pendon Museum

"Pendon Museum has worked with Jay Harris and his associates on a couple of projects both of which have been completed to time and budget and, more importantly, exceeded our expectations. As well as that they have been very well-received by museum visitors who say that they have brought new life and dimension to the exhibits.
We have no hesitation in recommending Jay as a collaborator who listens to the client, helps develop and then implement ideas and approaches and who is a pleasure to work with."-- Martin Ray, Trustee, Pendon Museum

The staff at Pendon Museum, the foremost model-making museum in the UK, wanted to create an audio tour to bring their model village and railways to life. With the staff at Pendon and collaborator story-teller Richard Neville, a script was written to bring the power of story to life, creating a historical learning opportunity and also an enjoyable listening experience. Each piece of audio, including sound design, references a part of the model to draw the listener into 1920s village life and also to prompt visitors to look more deeply at the models. The system in place uses a handheld unit which plays audio and is given to each visitor. Trigger points are placed at various points around the museum that visitors use to trigger audio for that section. Richard and I also provided creative direction and consultancy to enable Pendon to get the best out of the project.