Studio Weave

"Jay was part of the creative and delivery team for Rainham Hall, a National Trust property in Rainham, Havering. As part of the new visitor experience of the Hall, we worked with Jay to create immersive soundscapes for three rooms within the Hall. This included everything from the recording of nursery rhymes to the capture of bird sounds. Jay really understood the peculiarities of the place and the project, resulting in soundscapes that are intrinsic pieces of the Hall itself."-- Natalie Simmons, Studio Weave

With Studio Weave, at Rainham Hall I worked on a number of audio exhibits to breathe auditory life into the property providing creative input and consultancy on the context of each piece as well as the creation of audio.

I provided sound design for their immersive film 'At Sea', which is projected onto the four walls of one of the rooms; I provided the sound of the Durham coast, which involved a recording trip to the coast in point; I recorded local children singing nursery rhymes from the 1700s onsite; and arranged the recording of a male choir singing sea shanties, also recorded in the property. Each recording has it's own sound design and is displayed in boxes of reclaimed wood commissioned by Studio Weave. The idea with the sound design and presentation of the audio was to give the impression that the house itself is emanating sound taken from the experiences of its occupants to give an atmospheric and ghostly feel.