Here are some experiments that I mess around with every now and then to further explore my ideas and add to my service.

  • Some London Life
  • Sleepy Dreams
  • Secret Soundtrack
  • Silent Film Ambiences

This experiment in physical spaces uses various places in London to transport the listener to different thoughts and feelings by using 'found sound'. Sounds found at each space were re-arranged to create rhythms and a sense of progression in a similar way to how music takes you on an escapist journey.

Sleepy Dreams was an experiment to see if I could use different sounds, created by myself and woven into common nursery rhymes, to progressively lull young children and babies to sleep. Reports from various grateful parents proved its success!

Secret Soundtrack was my entry into the Deptford X Arts Festival in 2012. The soundtrack was recorded at Deptford market, South-east London, using binaural microphones. This technique exploits the way your ears and brain works to give the impression that sounds are coming from 360 degrees around you using just the usual left and right headphones. The idea was to listen to this ordered 360 degree composition of sounds found on the market while actually exploring the market. The experience really did manage to blur the line between reality and fiction, making the listener feel as if they were somehow spectating on real life while still being a part of it. You could hear the same sounds inside and outside of your headphones except the sounds inside your headphones were ordered to create rhythms and snippets of melody.

This is an ongoing project exploring the use of abstract sounds to create odd and interesting atmospheres to the weird and wonderful silent films of George Melies, probably the first explorer of what the moving image could do.

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