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  1. Services and Products

  2. Creative Direction


    With experience of creating sensory and interactive installations in physical spaces, we will make your project the best it can be.

    Integrate me into your team so I may share my knowledge and creative input.
    • Influencing people by speaking to them through your physical spaces
    • Creative ideas tailored to your brand values or themes
    • Get the best out of your available resources
    • Turn your creative ideas into a physical reality
    • Extensive network of creative collaborators to draw upon


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  3. Experiential Spaces

    Sensory Interaction

    Help people connect with your brand values and themes by talking to them through their senses and immersing them in a world of your choosing.

    People understand your environment though their senses and past experiences so take advantage of my knowledge in this area.
    • Create a space that works harder to convey your brand values or theme
    • Get people using their senses in meaningful ways to draw them in deeper
    • Create a magical experience that will be hard to forget
    • Facilitate learning and interest by allowing people to interact with your environment
    • Interactive objects that can be used on their own or as part of a wider exhibition or installation


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  4. Music composition

    Sound Design

    Sound design and music that goes beyond the norm to create something special and unique to enhance your visuals and environment.

    Sound is massively important to enhancing the experience of your physical spaces and projects. It is often forgotten or just an afterthought so break this trend to make your project work harder for you.
    • A holistic approach that takes your sound system and physical environment into account
    • Creative, unique music tailored to your project - go beyond library music
    • Sound design orchestrated to create a unique, immersive backdrop to your project
    • Powerful storytelling narration, voice acting and script-writing to draw the listener in
    • Field Recording to capture natural ambiences that maximises the integrity of you project


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  5. Plot Espresso

    Plot Espresso is a new venture born of a need to create a premium mobile cafe option with minimal branding so that it may seamlessly integrate with corporate or private events. As well as this, Plot Espresso can help tell a story by creating immersive experiences to accent brands or themes within the provision of refreshment.

    Immersive experiential zones designed to talk to delegates or the public by creating a space for them to be.
    • Mobile cafe by Jed Harris of Dungarees Coffee
    • Create a branded space to aid your marketing efforts
    • Create a truly unique experience to aid your experiential marketing
    • Totally bespoke service as simple or extravagant as your want
    • Draw on our experience of hospitality and creating engaging experiences


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