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Unusual and unique wedding ideas for your special day.

I used my own wedding as an excuse to create magical ambiences among the trees. It worked so well that I thought I should offer this service to others who also want their wedding to be as special and magical as it can be.

Using sound and props I created the illusion that guests had stepped into an unusual world, somewhere between the pages of Tolkien's Shire and prohibition-era Americana. Think of being an Edwardian explorer stumbling upon this unique world among the trees and you can probably imagine it.

Adapted bird boxes gave life to the past whispering among the trees while a customised wireless radio allowed guests to listen to a doorway through to this alternative world.

It doesn't stop there though... My network of partners and I can bring any theme you can imagine to life: prop-makers, a roaming storyteller, character actors mingling among your guests, roaming musicians, maybe even circus performers. Add a mobile cafe to the mix and you could create a magical space where people can get refreshed while being immersed in the depths of your imagination.

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